"Society is unconcerned with the aftermath of sensation."

     - John le Carré















The coffee industry is one of the largest. This multibillion-dollar industry is ahead of commodities like oil, corn, gold, and sugar. America alone consumes about 400 million cups of coffee a day, with about 54% of people, over 18, drinking at least one cup a day. That makes the US the largest consumer of coffee around the globe, spending $4 billion dollars each year on imports, while the industry economically supports 25 million people around the world. So what is it about the coffee itself that makes it so significant?


Well for starters, many people start their day with a cup of coffee. This cup of coffee, at least for me, tends to bring about a sense of “self” every day. Our ever evolving and fast paced culture constantly causes us to go race through each day like we’re running in a hamster wheel. So much so, that we eventually become desensitized to the “grounding” experience our morning coffee should bring us each day (pun intended). Now, the regular orders of, skim milk, organic, non-fat lattes with 7 shots of espresso barely gives people enough energy to drudge through their endless days and sleepless nights. This mixed media painting (watercolor and coffee) is meant to bring back the overlooked simplicity of a calming cup of coffee, and the comfort and warmth we should remember to embrace with every cup. Remember you are more than just a hamster in a wheel, focus on what makes you, you, and start to enjoy the little things in life.



Make time.

Every few months or so, for the past 2 years, I take the time to paint, or make, at  least one thing out of my comfort zone. I take the time to walk around the house looking for some type of inspiration. This month was a little bit more difficult that usually. After  taking a break from “inspiration searching,” I went to make myself some coffee. However my dad mistakenly brought me a box of decaf, instead of regular coffee. So after settling for tea, because who drinks decaf anyway, I realize how much we take coffee for granted.


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