Nov 5, 2016

Consumers today are quick to praise brands for being unique, but are just as quick to tear them down once they have "sold out." But what does it mean to sell out?


Each company has it's own aesthetic, economic, and personal goals. Brands change over the years, and there is no set formula for "making it big."  Once the demand for a brand outweighs the supply, a choice must be made:


(1) Increase supply to meet demand 

     (Diamond Supply Co.), 

(2) Outsource to larger companies, which brings      

     in more income, to increase supply and grow the brand (Stussy), or 

(3) Lean into the supply/demand hype, and continue to release exclusive lines (Supreme).


Releasing exclusive gear feeds "hypebeast" culture, but that alone does not ensure the quality of the product. When looking at what goes into building and keeping a brand running, "selling out" is not as black and white as it seems.


























 "It's supply and demand. Even though Jordan Brand is a general company, they can still release a popular shoe like the Space Jam XI’s and sell them EVERYWHERE, and still sell out...Or Supreme can release their box logo and have it sell out within seconds.  Both cultures have their following...Sadly the retail price doesn’t reflect with the quality, but it does effect resale value." - Mike 

"I like streetwear brands...the companies focus on creating things that other brands don't have/haven't thought of. These days mainstream brands look to streetwear for "inspiration." And I think that they [Hype brands] create for a specific clientele, whereas mainstream brands try to cover everyone, which isn't always a bad thing. - Elaine

"I grew up in skate culture... the internet has made everything mainstream and corporate...


Even brands like thrasher which has always been strictly 100% skateboarding is mainstream now. Skateboarding is all about counter culture but the irony is that it has become almost completely."

- Andrew

photo by @ViktorVash
photo by Don Lov Photography
photo by @Drewbrz



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