In the past, being labeled a "hype beast" was viewed as negative. Urban Dictionary defines a hype beast as, "1. Sneakerheads who only rock hyped up sh*t to get props b/c they got no self-worth or sense of style."


Despite negative stigmas, hype beast culture has evolved into an international fashion juggernaut. 


As a result, the new generation of streetwear consumers is more interested in style and quality over labels. Conscious consumerism has not completely changed the hype beast stereotype, but social media and technology have changed the game completely. 


Social media platforms allow streetwear enthusiasts to control their own narratives. Now, the world can see why they love their exclusive pieces. 


 The internet makes streetwear more accessible, and celebrity collabs make releases even more exclusive, but Ultimately it's the love of fashion and personal connections "hype beasts" feel to these brands that cause people who typically wouldn't look to streetwear for inspiration to fall in love with the culture. 


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